2023 Release

A Murder of Songs

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Brothers In Arms
Revolutionary Reel
Dear Sadie
Insurrection Song: January 6

A Murder of Songs
The 2023 release by Grant Peeples
For Sadie, because
“I fear there’s no one else who’ll tell you…”


Produced: by Danny Goddard, with Elisabeth Williamson
Executive producer: The Peeples Republik
Mixed: by Kris Kolp, with Danny Goddard, at Log Cabin Studio, Tallahassee
Engineered: by Kris Kolp, Lon Williamson, John Kelly and others
Mastered: by Steven Berson, Total Sonic Media, Austin
Crow painting: by Eileen Monaghan Whitaker
Photo of painting: by Inga Finch
Graphic designs: by Jay Payne
The players: Grant Peeples, Danny Goddard, Kelly Goddard, Brian Durham, Lis Williamson, Lon Williamson, Deb Berlinger, Avis Berry, Razi Rwito, Gurf Morlix, Mark Patton, Clyde Ramsay, Kris Kolp, Mike Lagasse, Lorna Simes, Erik Alvar, Aaron O’Rourke, Doug Stock, Landon Gay, Christian Ward, Scott Anderson, Cody Williford, Emmet Carlisle, Joseph Interrante, Vinnie Seplesky, Tracy Collins, Tim Lorsch, Will Barrow.


This album of songs was recorded in over ten different studios by dozens of musicians and engineers. It has taken over two years to complete. This is not how I ever dreamed of making a record, though I knew from the start it was how this one was going to have to get made—if it was going to get made at all.

Much of the tracking was done during the confines of the pandemic. Everybody was living in some kind of strange and awkward bubble. I knew that making a record in such an elongated and spread-about manner would mean the tones and textures would vary more widely from song to song than they would if everything was being recorded in the same place by the same people. Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen—they never made records in this disparate way. And for reason.

The idea, though, was that if the thematic elements of the songs were interrelated, and if there was an artistic/creative center that linked them all, we could then make a record that sounded like all the tracks were cut from the same bolt of cloth. Credit Danny Goddard and Kris Kolp for understanding how to overcome the hurdles therein, and for fulfilling my vision, such as it was, for the album.  

Runtimes and Writers

Brothers in Arms – 4:07 M. Knopfler / ASCAP
This is the Good News ­­– 4:52 D. Goddard/BMI & G. Peeples/BMI
Revolutionary Reel! —2:17 G. Peeples/BMI
Dear Sadie – 3:44 G. Peeples/BMI
Insurrection Song (January 6)-2:29 G. Peeples/BMI. C. Williford
The Restless Ones—3:12 G. Peeples/BMI
Liberal with a Gun—3:27 G. Peeples/BMI
Elisabeth—3:14 G. Peeples/BMI
Let’s Start Killing Each Other-2:48 G. Peeples/BMI

Live Videos